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About Kasamile Maltese

After I made the mistake lots of people make buying a pet from a pet store, in 1992, not knowing any better, I made a vow, after many vet bills later, that I would at some point in my life, try to own healthy, beautiful, happy and loving maltese, and I made that my mission. After showing two dogs that I previously owned, I got to understand that to accomplish my mission, I would have to put in lots of time, love, dedication and yes, money, to achieve that goal.

Finally after many mistakes, and heartaches, I am starting on the road to owning my dream maltese puppies. For me, they are my babies, and are treated as such. They are rocked, sung to, massaged, kissed, have conversations with, even while they are still in Mom's belly, and after they arrive, such precious miracles, they are my angels and get my full attention , minute by minute.

I am proud to hand over my babies to new Moms and Dads, with the knowledge that they are getting the most perfect maltese, in my eyes, and my committment to the new parents for the lifetime of their puppy on a 24 hour basis.


My puppies are the offspring of beautiful Maltese females and males that were imported from South Korea. I chose the breeder I wanted to purchase from after a lot of research.

I finally found a show breeder whose husband is a Veterinarian, and I have a great relationship with her.

My babies are born in my room next to my bed, and like an anxious mom, I can hear them breathe, move, whimper, and feed off their furry mommy.

I have a puppy midwife, who comes when the time is right to deliver my puppies, because I need to know that if I run into a problem, I have someone by my side who has the knowledge and expertise that I may not have for the particular situation. It gives me great peace of mind, and I owe her so much, and she has my utmost appreciation and affection.

Owning them, makes me want to get up every day, and perform my mommy duties with love, and total dedication.


I am happy to hear from you, whether you own one of my puppies or not. I love to share whatever knowledge I have, to inform people to make the right choices when buying a maltese puppy, and to guide them how to look for red flags, and when to walk away, no matter how much they fall in love with that puppy.

When I don't know the answer to a question, and I have lots of those, I am happy to refer them to a breeder who can answer their questions, and impart their knowledge after many more years of breeding then I have had.

Member of the Canadian Kennel Club


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